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Why Does It Feel Like My Shoulder “Pops Out?”

The shoulder joint is extremely mobile, with a tremendous range of motion; it is also the most frequently dislocated large joint in the body.  The socket is relatively small and flat relative to the size of the ball; secondary support is provided to the joint by the cartilaginous labrum and the adjacent ligaments and joint […]

Herniated Disc? 5 Signs that you should see a Spine Doctor

Do you have a herniated or bulging vertebral disc? According to many studies, up to 85% of people in the United States will suffer from low back pain.  Low back pain is second only to upper respiratory infections (the common cold) as a reason for missed work time! Herniated or bulging vertebral discs are common […]

Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body and its stability and function rely on the interplay between surrounding muscles and the smooth cartilage joint surfaces.  The rotator cuff consists of four muscles that converge as tendons to cover the humeral head and are directly related to shoulder function and are […]

A Step Ahead: The Gentleman’s Dress Shoe

by Ralph Napolitano, Jr., DPM, CWSP, FACFAS Everyday I work with shoes either directly or indirectly in my medical practice.  What we put on our feet (or shouldn’t) is certainly related to foot health.  This blog is a bit longer than usual and takes a slight sartorial detour as we examine the gentleman’s dress shoe […]

A Step Ahead: The Gentleman’s Dress Shoe

 Everyday I work with shoes either directly or indirectly in my medical practice.  What we put on our feet (or shouldn’t) is certainly related to foot health.  This blog is a bit longer than usual and takes a slight sartorial detour as we examine the gentleman’s dress shoe and how such shoes relate to foot […]

OrthoNeuro Neurologist Speaks at Parkinson’s Community Seminar at Wesley Glen

Dr. Martin Taylor spoke to a group at the Wesley Glen Retirement Community on Wednesday, March 20th on Parkinson’s Disease.  Dr. Taylor discussed signs and symptoms of the disease, diseases with similar traits, and treatment options available.  He answered questions for the group following his presentation. Thank you to Wesley Glen for inviting OrthoNeuro to […]

A Step Ahead: Winter Boots 101

Winter is really here in central Ohio, albeit a little late. I think we would all agree that we’ve seen some rather mild meteorological activity till now. Spring will come, but not tomorrow, so we have to face the cold, ice and snow (and rain?) before Spring has sprung. Proper footwear in Winter is a […]

OrthoNeuro to Open Newest Physician Office in Grove City January 2019

OrthoNeuro will expand its medical services into Grove City early 2019. OrthoNeuro’s newest physician office will be in the new office building at the OhioHealth Grove City Methodist Hospital Campus located at 1325 Stringtown Road. This 3,000 square foot space will allow for the addition of physicians and staff to improve patient access and accommodate […]

What is a Boxers Fracture? How does this injury occur?

A boxers fracture means you have broken the head of one of the metacarpal bones in your hand (usually on the pinky finger side). Metacarpal bones connect the bones in your finger to the bones in your wrist. You might hear your hand doctor refer to it as a brawler’s fracture. This injury commonly occurs when […]

A Step Ahead: Thank You Feet!

Time to ring in the holiday season!  Are you busy?  I’m sure.  Being mobile is part of the game.  So let’s give thanks to our feet for all their hard work they’ve done for you this year and let’s talk about a couple things to keep them healthy during this busy time.  I’ll begin with […]

Diagnosing & Treating TFCC Tears and Ulnar Sided Wrist Injuries & Pain

Your TFCC, or triangular fibrocartilage complex consists of a disc made of cartilage and two sets of ligaments on the “pinky” side of the wrist. It serves a load-bearing function, distributing weight across the wrist, and also helps to stabilize the ulnar (outermost) and radial (inner) bones of the lower arm and wrist. The TFCC […]

5 Signs of a Herniated Disc that should be evaluated by a Spine Doctor

Do you have a herniated or bulging vertebral disc? According to many studies, up to 85% of people in the United States will suffer from low back pain.  Low back pain is second only to upper respiratory infections (the common cold) as a reason for missed work time! The bones (vertebrae) that form the spine […]

5 Reasons to Visit an Orthopedic Urgent Care

Do you have an injury that needs to be seen by an orthopedic specialist today?  Injuries are not only painful but can limit your ability to function with day–to-day activities. Getting treatment for orthopedic injuries can be particularly difficult after hours and on weekends when your regular physician isn’t available. Choose OrthoNeuro+NOW Orthopedic Urgent Care for quick access to […]

ACL Injuries in Women

The slightest mention of an ACL tear strikes fear in the hearts of even the toughest athletes, and for a good reason. The career ending injury occurs in 1 of every 3,000 individuals each year, and it has been reported to occur upwards of 9 times more often in women than men. We have all […]

OrthoNeuro Hip & Knee Pain Community Seminar on Wednesday, October 17th

Dr. Mark Gittins, OrthoNeuro Orthopedic Surgeon spoke to a group on Wednesday at Wesley Glen Retirement Community about the common causes of knee and hip pain including arthritis and the available treatment options.  Thank you to all that attended!

Check out Dr. Larry Todd, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon on NBC4 Daytime Columbus Live! with Robyn Haynes!

Dr. Todd spoke with Robyn about low back pain and current treatment options. No one ever wants to see a spine surgeon.  Millions of individuals suffer from back pain every year.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

The shoulder joint is classified as a ball and socket joint, with the head of the humerus (long bone of the arm) being the ball and the glenoid cavity (indentation on the shoulder blade) being the socket. However the “socket” that the “ball” resides within is very shallow, often compared to a golf ball sitting […]

What is IT Band Syndrome?

Iliotibial band syndrome, more commonly referred to as IT band syndrome, is a common overuse injury of the IT band – the sheath of connective tissue that spans the outside of the thigh. Though the IT band spans from the hip to just below the knee, it almost always presents as localized pain along the […]

Compartment Syndrome: A Condition to Look Out For

One medical emergency that can occur from a broken bone in the leg or the arm is known as compartment syndrome. There are two types of compartment syndrome: acute and chronic. Acute compartment syndrome is a medical emergency and can be caused by a severe injury, such as a broken bone. Chronic compartment syndrome is […]

A Step Ahead: If you’re diabetic that wound on your foot may kill you. Really.

We’re getting serious this month.  It’s time to talk about diabetes and your feet.  Diabetes is the disease in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired.  What results is abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood and urine.  High “blood sugar” over time […]

Dr. B. Rodney Comisar, Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon at OrthoNeuro, weighs in on Buckeye Nick Bosa’s injury and recovery timeline.

Speedy Recovery Nick Bosa! Go Buckeyes 🏈…/ohio-state-football–nick-bosa…

My Ankle! What Should I Do Next?

Twisting an ankle is a very common injury across all backgrounds of individuals. It happens in not only athletes or active people, but the casual person walking their dog or walking down the sidewalk to work. Walking on unlevel ground or stepping in a pothole while out walking can cause somebody to twist an ankle. […]

What is that bump below my kid’s knee? Osgood-Schlatter Disease

What is Osgood-Schlatter disease? Osgood-Schlatter disease is an inflammation of the patellar tendon that causes pain where it inserts on the upper shin bone, just below the knee. It can occur in anyone but is most commonly seen in young athletes age 10-15. What causes Osgood-Schlatter disease? Osgood-Schlatter is characterized by increased tension on the […]

5th Metatarsal Fractures: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

A fifth metatarsal fracture is a break located in the long, laterally located tubular bone of the forefoot that is attached to the small toe. Fractures of this bone can occur due to direct injury to the outside of the foot or can occur over time. Fractures that occur over a period of time due […]

Understanding Sciatica

Sciatica is a very commonly used term among doctors and patients alike, but often what the term implies can become blurred or even misunderstood. The term sciatica is derived from the Sciatic nerve, a major nerve in the leg that gives rise to many smaller nerves that branch off further down. The sciatic nerve is […]

A Step Ahead: It’s back to school time! How about those school shoes?

School.  Yes, it’s that time again.   Back to the school routine for the kids, and parents too.  On the shopping list I’m sure was book bags, pens and notebooks.  Maybe even a computer or that first phone for the tweeneer.  How about new school shoes?  Absolutely!  This month’s foot health blog touches on shoes for […]

Dr. Nicholas Cheney, OrthoNeuro Foot & Ankle Surgeon featured on NBC4 Daytime Columbus Live!

Dr. Cheney discussed common foot conditions which cause foot pain including plantar fasciitis, bunions and flat feet, and current treatment options to relieve your pain.

As Seen In Women’s Day, Redbook, and Good Housekeeping Magazines

OrthoNeuro is featured in the Columbus Healthcare Profiles section of next month’s editions of Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and Women’s Day Magazines. Click HERE to read our profile.

Elbow Pain and Two of its Most Common Culprits: Tennis Elbow and Golf Elbow

Now that summer is in full swing and the sun is out, we are more likely to go out and be active. Whether it be going for a run, hitting the golf links, or returning to the tennis court, getting out of the house to be physically active is a great idea and has many […]

Anterior Knee Pain? You could be suffering from patellar tendinitis.

As the weather gets warmer, athletes of all ages begin summer training in preparation for the upcoming season. However, with this intense period of training comes the increased likelihood of an overuse injury that can impact the performance of the most determined athlete. Patellar Tendinitis is a condition characterized by the presence of pain, inflammation, […]

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis

What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? Multiple sclerosis (MS) is believed to be an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord of the central nervous system. In this disease, for reasons not entirely understood, the body’s immune system attacks a fatty material that insulates nerves called myelin. The myelin sheath that surrounds nerves allows […]

Dr. Paul Eichenseer, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Dr. Paul Eichenseer, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Joined OrthoNeuro August 1st, 2018

Dr. Eichenseer is a fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon who specializes in adult deformity and scoliosis utilizing the latest open and minimally invasive techniques. Dr. Eichenseer has advanced training in adult spinal deformity, scoliosis, kyphosis, revision spinal surgery, complex spinal reconstruction, minimally invasive decompression and fusion, and treatment of spinal fractures. He is a graduate of […]

FREE Educational Seminar – Learn How To Take Control Over Your Pain!

Do you suffer from Chronic Pain? Does it control your Life? Drs. Michael Skeels and Ying Chen will be discussing your many non-surgical options for treating pain.  You are not alone.  Get your life back! Wednesday, June 20th, 2018 6:30pm – 8:00pm OrthoNeuro New Albany Office 5040 Forest Drive, Suite 300 New Albany, Ohio 43054 […]

FREE Educational Seminar – Common Shoulder Conditions

Join us for a FREE  educational seminar on Common Shoulder Conditions – Causes of Shoulder Pain and Treatments Available to You If you experience shoulder pain, weakness or stiffness due to overuse or an injury, have difficulty sleeping or managing daily activities and are looking for what causes your pain and what non-surgical and surgical treatments […]

OrthoNeuro Podiatrist Speaks at National Meetings for Wound Care

Dr. Ralph Napolitano Jr. spoke at The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) in April.  Dr. Napolitano’s talk addressed mechanical, disposable, negative pressure wound therapy.  SAWC is “the world’s leading, largest, and most well-respected interdisciplinary wound care program within the clinical field.  The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care Spring | Wound Healing Society meeting (SAWC Spring […]

Shoulder Pain? You Have Options! FREE Community Seminar

Dine with A Doc – Free Community Seminar at StoryPointe Grove City Have you or a loved one been experiencing shoulder pain? Join us at StoryPoint Grove City for lunch on Monday, May 21st at 12:00 Noon and Dine with a Doc. OrthoNeuro’s Dr. Scott Stephens, Orthopedic Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon, will discuss common causes of […]

Suffering from Joint Pain or Arthritis? You have OPTIONS!

FREE ORTHOPEDIC SEMINAR – April 18th, 2018 in Lima, Ohio. OrthoNeuro Orthopedic Surgeons will discuss common conditions that cause KNEE, FOOT, HIP, SHOULDER, and HAND PAIN and your OPTIONS for treating your pain. Topics to be discussed:Why Do My Hands Hurt?                                […]

What Your Neck Pain Is Trying to Tell You

Neck pain is one of the most common complaints that physicians will hear, and there is a wide variety of potential causes. By seeing your doctor or orthopedic surgeon about your pain, you can get to the root cause and begin treatment. Since everybody is unique, every type of pain is likely some sort of […]


Tips For Controlling Winter Arthritis Pain

While arthritis can cause acute pain all year around, this discomfort can be particularly severe in the winter. Cold temperatures can cause your joints to lock up and swell even more, leaving you stiff. About 80% of the population will experience back pain in their lifetime, but when it comes to arthritis pain, there are […]

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

By working with an orthopedic surgeon, you are taking steps to heal your body and live without pain. But even with this end goal in mind, the weeks and months after surgery can be difficult. From knee to spine surgery, specific rehabilitation plans will help you get back on your feet as soon as possible. […]

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Plantar Fasciitis: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatments

When your workout routine is interrupted by progressive heel pain, you would likely rather stay safely on the couch. And this can become even worse when everyday activities and walking become nearly impossible. Often, this type of pain is caused by plantar fasciitis. This condition is classified by the inflammation of the tissue connecting the […]

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Is Your Hip Stiffness Actually Osteoarthritis?

Stiffness of the joints is a completely natural part of the aging process, unfortunately. As you get older, the cartilage in the joints gradually wear down, which can cause pain and difficulty of movement. But when is this difficulty a result of moderate stiffness, and when is it connected to an arthritic condition? Our professional […]

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The Most Common Causes Of Lumbar Spine Pain

Back pain isn’t just frustrating; it can be debilitating. Lower back pain is especially common, and when this pain is both chronic and severe, it can make daily movement difficult. Pain of the lumbar spine can be tied to poor posture and misalignment, but it can also result from more serious conditions. This is especially […]

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Pain In The Neck? What To Know About Herniated Discs

When back pain becomes overwhelming, it’s easy to detach from the activities you usually enjoy. In fact, nearly 59% of chronic pain-sufferers report that it impacts their overall joy of life. By getting to the root of your back pain, you can seek treatment and reclaim your zest for life once again. For many people […]

Congratulations Drs. Daryl Sybert and Francis O’Donnell named Best Doctors in America® 2017-2018

    Once again, we’re honored to see OrthoNeuro doctors named to this year’s Best Doctors in America®. Thank you to our community of caregivers – physicians, mid-level providers, and staff – who deliver a nationally recognized level of care, each and every day. The Best Doctors in America is an online resource developed by […]

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What to Know Before Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

For some, visiting a physical therapist can be nerve wracking simply because they don’t know what to expect. But there’s no need to be worried, as physical therapists are trained professionals in pain management solutions. With their support, you may be able to finally achieve lasting relief from your pain. If you have an upcoming […]

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What Non-Invasive Pain Management Solutions Are Available For My Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for doctor visits in the United States. It’s estimated that up to 80% of the American population will experience some form of back pain or discomfort at some point during their lifetime. Some patients suffering from back pain may require spine surgery by a professional and […]

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3 Common Culprits Behind Knee Pain

Knee pain is the second most common type of chronic pain in the United States. So with this in mind, our knees rarely get the care and attention they deserve. Considering the fact that they support our entire bodies, we should be treating them nicely, but there are plenty of different hidden culprits that can […]

Do You Have Arthritis? Join Us at the Arthritis Expo to Learn More!

OrthoNeuro will have a booth at the 2017 Arthritis Expo at Villa Milano on October 7th.

OrthoNeuro Physician Selected Ohio Athletic Trainers Association Team Physician of the Year

Congratulations Dr. Robert Whitehead for winning the Ohio Athletic Trainers Association Team Physician of the Year Award.   Dr. Whitehead has served as the team physician at Dublin Coffman High School since 1995. Currently, Dr. Whitehead oversees our orthopedic urgent care centers where he evaluates and treats local athletes of all ages as well as any […]

OrthoNeuro Expands Foot & Ankle Services to Include Podiatry

OrthoNeuro announced that Ralph J. Napolitano, Jr., DPM, CWSP, FACFAS will join our multi-specialty physician practice March 1st, 2017.  This addition will expand OrthoNeuro’s foot and ankle division to include additional surgical and non-surgical treatment options and wound care for the foot, ankle, and lower extremity. Dr. Napolitano is a double board-certified podiatrist and wound […]

OrthoNeuro Opens New Satellite Office in Coshocton

OrthoNeuro will open a new satellite office in the medical office building at Coshocton Hospital on October 19th, 2016.  Services to be provided at the new office include: orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, foot & ankle surgery, and hand & elbow surgery. OrthoNeuro Surgeons will travel to Coshocton to meet with patients who need orthopedic care […]

Dr. Martin Taylor Chairs Conference focusing on Craniofascial Pain & Dystonia

Dr. Martin Taylor  (Course Chairman), OrthoNeuro Neurologist will be presenting at the upcoming NANA continuing medical education conference. September 23-24, 2016 Mt. Carmel Education Center 7333 Smith’s Mill Road New Albany, OH 43054 Conference Overview: Joint providers, University of Cincinnati and MedEd Consulting, Inc., in collaboration with the North American Neurotoxin Association (NANA) and the […]

Knee and Hip Seminar

OrthoNeuro Orthopedic Surgeon Performs First Robot-Assisted Total Knee Replacement in Ohio

New Albany Surgery Center Performs the First Robotics-Assisted Total Knee Arthroplasty Using the NAVIO Surgical System in Ohio Dr. Mark Gittins of OrthoNeuro performed the first robotics-assisted total knee arthroplasty in the state of Ohio using the NAVIO Surgical System. The surgical milestone occurred on August 23rd at the New Albany Surgery Center and represents […]

OrthoNeuro proud to sponsor Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Golf Outing

OrthoNeuro and The Orthopedic Foundation supported the 2016 DO Open as diamond level sponsors.  Funds raised from this event support scholarships that directly benefit Ohio University Heritage College Medical Students. The outing was held on August 8th at Tartan Fields Gold Club.  Six OrthoNeuro physicians played in the outing.  Dr. Ryan Klinefelter won “closest putt” […]

OrthoNeuro Welcomes New Orthopedic Surgeons

The Physicians of OrthoNeuro proudly welcome two new orthopedic surgeons to the practice.  Drs. Rodney Comisar and Gary Millard joined the group on August 1st, 2016. “We are excited to welcome Drs. Comisar and Millard to our practice,” said Dr. Carl Berasi, President and CEO of OrthoNeuro.  “Their exceptional reputation and surgical skills utilizing the […]

Orthopedic Urgent Care

Orthopedic Urgent Care NOW OPEN in Pickerington

OrthoNeuro offers Orthopedic Urgent Care Services for Immediate Access – Now Open in Pickerington   OrthoNeuro NOW, OrthoNeuro’s newest state of the art orthopedic urgent care, opens tomorrow, June 15th in Pickerington at 1240 Hill Road North. Board-certified, sports medicine fellowship trained physician, Sandy Lane, MD, FACSM will be the primary physician treating at the […]

FDA Approves BOTOX® (onabotulinumtoxinA) for the Treatment of Lower Limb Spasticity in Adults

FDA Approves New Treatment for Lower Limb Spasticity Spasticity is a neurologic condition causing muscle spasms and pain commonly associated with stroke, cerebral palsy, or stroke. Botox was initially approved for upper limb (arm) spasticity in 2010. Injections are performed every three months in the effected muscles to reduce muscle spasms, tightness and pain. This […]

Honor Ride Ohio

OrthoNeuro is a Proud Sponsor of the 2016 Honor Ride Ohio

Honor Ride Ohio Saturday, May 28th, 2016 Start/Finish: Philip Heit Center for Healthy New Albany GPS Address: 150 W. Main Street, New Albany, OH 43054 OrthoNeuro and the Orthopedic Foundation are proud to sponsor the 3rd Annual Honor Ride Ohio. All funds raised through the Honor Ride series support Ride 2 Recovery’s veteran rehabilitation program, […]

Knee and Hip Seminar

Painful Hips or Knees? Explore your Options!

Explore your Options with OrthoNeuro at Coshocton Hospital. Join Dr. Mark Gittins at this free seminar where he will discuss conservative and surgical treatments for hip and knee pain and arthritis including preventive care, joint replacement, and other options. Tuesday, May 17th at 5:30pm Coshocton Hospital Conference Room 1460 Orange Street Coshocton, OH 43812 Coshocton […]

Dr. Nick Cheney, 2016 Recipient of the Recent Graduate Award from OUHCOM

Ohio Osteopathic Foundation’s 2016 Recent Graduate Award Recipient Dr. Nicholas Cheney

Congratulations Dr. Cheney! Dr. Nicholas Cheney was honored at the 2016 Ohio Osteopathic Symposium on April 22nd as the recipient of the 2016 Recent Graduate Award. The Heritage College Recent Graduate Award is given to graduates within fifteen years of their graduation who have made positive use of their medical education to serve their community […]

Two Orthopedic Surgeons to join OrthoNeuro in August

Two New Orthopedic Surgeons to Join OrthoNeuro in August

OrthoNeuro announced today that they will add two new surgeons to their team of 25 distinguished doctors.  Dr. Rodney Comisar and Dr. Gary Millard will join the multi-specialty physician group in August 2016.  Dr. Comisar completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts where he played football and rugby.  He is a graduate […]

Ohio Osteopathic Symposium

OrthoNeuro Physicians Lecture at the Ohio Osteopathic Symposium 2016

Drs. Nicholas Cheney, Ryan Klinefelter, Ryan Palmer, and Martin Taylor presented at this year’s Ohio Osteopathic Symposium. The Ohio Osteopathic Symposium is the state’s premier continuing medical education event for osteopathic physicians, attracting more than 500 DOs from Ohio and the midwest. The symposium has something for everyone, including program blocks that qualify for specialty […]

Orthopedic Surgeon Jeremy Mathis, DO

Shoulder Pain – When to See the Doctor

Join Dr. Jeremy Mathis for a free educational seminar on the treatment options for shoulder pain. Tuesday, April 12th @ 6:30pm OhioHealth Pickerington Medical Campus First Floor Conference Room1030 Refugee Road Pickerington, OH 43147 If you, or someone you know if suffering from shoulder pain, stiffness,or instability, join us for this free seminar.  Dr. Mathis, […]

Pickerington PT Clinic

New Physical Therapy Center Now Open in Pickerington

OrthoNeuro has expanded its medical services in Pickerington to include a new state of the art physical therapy center. Our new Pickerington rehab center opened on April 4th, 2016. The clinic is located in the newly renovated Sherman Center at 1240 Hill Road North.  Our new 4,800 square foot space will accommodate the new physical […]

March is National Athletic Training Month

Help us celebrate this year’s theme: “A Safer Approach to Work, Life, and Sport”  Athletic Trainers are healthcare professionals that collaborate with physicians and specialize in the prevention, emergency care, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and sports-related illnesses.  The athletic trainers at OrthoNeuro work in our rehab clinics; as DME specialists at all our […]

Coflex - Alternative to spinal fusion

Spinal Stenosis: New Surgical Option

Lumbar spinal stenosis patients now have another surgical option at OrthoNeuro. For decades, lumbar spinal stenosis patients’ surgical options were limited to either decompression or decompression with spinal fusion. In 2012, the FDA approved the coflex®spinal implant, which is a small, U-shaped titanium device that provides spinal stability without the mobility loss associated with spinal […]

Bruxism article by Dr. Martin Taylor

Dr. Martin Taylor to speak on Chronic Migraine at National Training Meeting

Dr. Taylor will be in Dallas on Jan 22-23, 2016 for the National Allergan Neurosciences Speaker Training Meeting for Chronic Migraine. He is part of a limited expert national faculty training over 100 headache specialists on how to teach the proper use of Botox in the treatment of chronic migraine to other community neurologists (ie. train […]

Knee and Hip Seminar

Dr. Mark Gittins Featured Speaker for Depuy Synthes’ World-Wide Webcast

Join Dr. Mark Gittins as he presents on the success of implementing a total joints programs for an Ambulatory Surgical Center.  As part of this Depuy Synthes seminar, Dr. Gittins will discuss such topics as team alignment, importance of data, hip/knee patient selection & education, pain management, reimbursement, and payer insights. The live webcast for […]

OrthoNeuro to open New Location in Pickerington

OrthoNeuro will open its Pickerington Office on November 16, 2015.  OrthoNeuro will be moving its current East Columbus physician office to first floor of the new office building at the OhioHealth Pickerington Medical Campus located at 1030 Refugee Road. This 6,000 square foot space will allow for the addition of physicians and staff at the […]

Bruxism article by Dr. Martin Taylor

Bruxism: More Than Just Grinding Your Teeth

Bruxism.  The grinding, gritting, and clenching that can be a real pain in the jaw.  Read the latest edition of Practical Neurology where Dr. Martin T. Taylor, DO, PhD discusses the potential neurological implications with Bruxism. Click HERE to read!

Knee and Hip Seminar

OrthoNeuro Physician Featured in National Publications

As the healthcare system continues to evolve, the emergence of Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) has provided patients a safe and convenient option to undergo outpatient procedures.  With this evoluation, procedures such as total joint replacements and robotic-assisted uni-knee replacements are increasingly becoming more common.     Dr. Mark Gittins was recently featured in Outpatient Surgery:  Manager’s Guide to Orthopedic Surgery magazine and Becker’s ASC Review online journal to speak on these […]

OrthoNeuro Welcomes Dr. Ryan M. Palmer, Orthopedic Surgeon

OrthoNeuro is proud to announce the addition of our newest physician, Dr. Ryan M. Palmer! Dr. Palmer is a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon who specializes in adult total joint reconstruction.  He will offer a full spectrum of hip and knee replacement surgery, from primary replacement to complex revision.  For total hip arthroplasty, Dr. Palmer will perform […]

OrthoNeuro Adopts New Robotic-Assisted Technology For Partial Knee Replacements

Do you suffer from knee pain? Are you nervous about your surgical options? OrthoNeuro now uses the Navio Surgical System®, which provides robotic assistance in partial knee replacement for patients living with knee pain caused by early to mid-stage osteoarthritis. A Navio procedure differs from other robotic-assisted techniques because of its unique CT-free principles and […]

Experiencing Pain When Riding? Get a Custom Bike Fitting!

Have a new bike or training for the Pelotoinia?  Experiencing pain when riding?  Is an injury preventing you from being on the road or trail?  Kristian Graham, a physical therapist at our New Albany location, performs bike fittings for your personalized needs.  As the 2012 Ohio Road Race Master’s Champion and a two-time half iron man […]

OrthoNeuro Physicians Participate in 2nd Annual Ride 2 Recovery Honor Ride

Several OrthoNeuro physicians took part on in cheap mlb jerseys the 2nd Annual Ride 2 Recovery Honor Ride this wholesale mlb jerseys past weekend. cheap nba jerseys This event is held RESOURCES annually to improve the health Immaculate and wellness of healing heroes through mental and попки physical rehabilitation programs that feature cycling as cheap […]

OrthoNeuro receives Super Service Award from Angie's List 2014

OrthoNeuro Honored With The 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award

OrthoNeuro has earned the service Ryan industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of service provided to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in 2014. “Only about 5 percent of the Orthopedic practices in Columbus have performed so consistently well enough to earn our Super ????????????????????? Service […]

OrthoNeuro Welcomes Dr. Ryan Klinefelter, Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

OrthoNeuro is proud to announce the addition of our newest physician, Dr. Ryan D. Klinefelter.  Dr.  Ryan Klinefelter is a board-certified, orthopedic hand surgeon  Philip  specializing in complex hand and wrist injuries.  Dr. Klinefelter received his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and then attended medical school at The  Ohio State University College of Medicine […]

OrthoNeuro Physician Featured in National Publications

As the healthcare cheap nba jerseys system continues cheap jerseys to evolve, wholesale mlb jerseys the emergence of Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) has provided patients a a safe wholesale nfl jerseys and convenient option to wholesale nfl jerseys undergo NaN outpatient US procedures.