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Spinal Stenosis: New Surgical Option

X-ray image after device implanted

X-ray image after device implanted

Lumbar spinal stenosis patients now have another surgical option at OrthoNeuro.

For decades, lumbar spinal stenosis patients’ surgical options were limited to either decompression or decompression with spinal fusion. In 2012, the FDA approved the coflex®spinal implant, which is a small, U-shaped titanium device that provides spinal
stability without the mobility loss associated with spinal fusion.

In comparative research vs. spinal fusion, the data demonstrates that coflex®
patients do better, faster.¹  Patients receiving the coflex® implant experienced faster relief of their symptoms, reported higher satisfaction rates with their outcomes, and required less post-operation pain medication than spinal fusion patients.² Decompression with the coflex® device is faster than decompression with pedicle screws, causes less blood loss and requires a shorter hospital stay.³

CLICK HERE for additional information about the Coflex® Spinal Implant and the OrthoNeuro Spine Surgeons who perform this procedure.

2016 Coflex® Published 5 Year Data.PDF

¹‾³ Davis RJ, Errico TJ, Bae H, Auerbach JD (2013): Decompression and Coflex® Interlaminar Stabilization Compared With Decompression and Instrumented Spinal Fusion for Spinal Stenosis adn Low-Grade Degenerative Spondylolisthesis. Spine 2013; 1529-1539.