Sports Medicine Physicians

OrthoNeuro’s sports medicine doctors in Columbus, Ohio are here to help prevent, treat, and rehabilitate injuries for athletes of all ages. Athletic injury is never fun, but taking the time to get properly healed with the help of our experienced sports medicine physicians isn’t only extremely worthwhile in the long run, it gets you back out on the field sooner.

Many athletes with injuries (both major and minor) don’t like to take the time off, and decide to just push through the pain. Although it is hard to step away from your passion, not seeking the proper athletic injury treatment can have major repercussions later down the road. A few months of rest and rehabilitation will allow your body to properly heal and can lead to many years of continuing to play your favorite sport.

From youth and high school athletes to collegiate and professional athletes, our experienced sports medicine doctors will work to get you back to performing at a high-level so you can continue doing what you love.