Knee Revision


Knee Revision is a procedure performed to remove a previously implanted artificial knee joint and replace it with a new prosthesis.

Reasons for Revision

Knee revision surgeries are often needed due to loosening or damage to the previously implanted artificial joint.  Damage to the prosthesis can be caused by infection or complete prosthesis dislocation. The artificial joint can become loosened for different reasons. First, since the knee bears a large amount of weight when walking and running, the prosthesis can begin to sink into the softer bone of the tibia, which causes loosening.

Second, debris can form within the knee from wear on the polyethylene material of the prosthesis.  This debris forms at a faster rate if the patient has an uneven pattern of walking because one side of the knee becomes detached from the bone. An inflammatory response, called osteolysis, follows and begins to dissolve the bone around the prosthesis causing it to loosen.

OrthoNeuro Physicians that Perform this Procedure: