Orthopedic Surgery & Therapy

At OrthoNeuro, our experienced staff will guide you and your family through every step of your orthopedic care and treatment. We provide the highest quality orthopedic surgery, therapy, and rehabilitation services in the Columbus, Ohio area. Our team of renowned orthopedic surgeons employs leading-edge, minimally-invasive techniques to diagnose and treat your unique medical conditions using surgical or non-surgical methods or a combination of both. Whether you’ve suffered an injury or have an ongoing condition, OthroNeuro provides quick and effective orthopedic care, so you can continue to live actively.

We offer outpatient orthopedic surgery such as joint replacement, shoulder surgery, foot and ankle surgery, hand and elbow surgery, and sports medicine services from board-certified surgeons for many different musculoskeletal conditions. OrthoNeuro will repair injuries and relieve chronic pain by integrating surgical and non-surgical methods.

For less severe injuries, we provide orthopedic therapy to help you recover from any strains or injuries. Depending on the medical issue, some common therapies we use include physical therapy, orthotics, medication, use of a brace or splint, and more.

To find out more about our orthopedic care services, choose the option that best fits your condition.