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We are a dedicated team of orthopedic and neurologic healthcare professionals committed to providing the highest quality specialty care in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas – and doing so with compassion and understanding. Our board-certified physicians specialize in orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, neurology, podiatry, physical medicine & rehabilitation. Schedule an appointment today for a healthcare experience that’s centered on you.

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The office staff was AMAZING and super friendly.

The office staff was AMAZING and super friendly. People that worked in the radiology department were sweet and compassionate. Dr. Comisar seemed very knowledgeable and professional. - SRD

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What is IT Band Syndrome?

Iliotibial band syndrome, more commonly referred to as IT band syndrome, is a common overuse injury of the IT band - the sheath of connective tissue that spans the outside...

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Compartment Syndrome: A Condition to Look Out For

One medical emergency that can occur from a broken bone in the leg or the arm is known as compartment syndrome. There are two types of compartment syndrome: acute and...

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