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  • I was referred to Dr. LaDu for knee pain. He sees patients here as well as at a few other OrthoNeuro locations around town. Highly skeptical after going to Orthopedic One for a NIGHTMARE of appointments for knee issues (see my review!), this was a breath of fresh air. I was able to come in quickly after I was referred.  Dr. LaDu was easy to talk with, knowledgeable and actually seemed to want to get to the root cause of my problems.  He sent me to get an MRI and asked me to come back as soon as I had the results.  Ortho One just said “lose weight, that’s why you’re in pain” and sent me on my way.  I was happy that someone actually seemed to want to get some answers, some actual answers explaining why I was in such pain at this age. When I came back with my MRI results, Dr. LaDu let me know I did have some serious issues in my right knee that needed addressed with surgery and explained all of my options – how soon I should have surgery and how long it was safe to wait, what recovery would look like, how much PT I would need, etc.  I felt informed and like I was finally getting the answers I needed to explained the pain I was in.   Ultimately I’ve been going to Dr. LaDa for many months now.  I’ve trusted him with quite a few knee injections to help put off surgery.  We’ve been successful in this approach.  He’s great at what he does.  He’s a real straight shooter which I love.  The only downfall that I’ve had with him is that he’s a bit textbook at times and I’ve had to ask him to put it to me in simpler terms that aren’t so medical, but once asked, he makes it easier for me to fully understand what’s going on.   Highly recommend him if you have knee pain and are looking for answers! – AP


  • Dr Ralph Napalitano and his team at the New Albany location are fantastic! Very friendly and efficient, place was very busy with patients and still made plenty of time for me and my foot injury. Highly recommend!!!


  • I have struggled with migraines for years. I have been shuffled to all different kinds of doctors and been given all kinds of toxic medicines. I was very wary of seeing Dr. Taylor and Ashley, as I really felt they would not be able to tell me anything that anyone else hasn’t said. I have never been so wrong about anything in my life.
    To me, Dr. Taylor and Ashley have given me back my life. After trying the occipital nerve shots and only getting temporary relief, Dr. Taylor suggested I have nerve ablation surgery on the right side of my neck. I was very scared and they had to talk me through it as I was not sure it was a good idea. I am now 6 weeks post surgery and I feel so much better it is amazing. I honestly don’t know how I can thank them enough for helping me through this and making my life better. I highly recommend them if you are a migraine sufferer – they understand migraines and are committed to excellent care for migraine patients!


  • I am so very thankful for both Dr. Michael Skeels and Dr. Ying Chen. My husband had been miserable for several months prior to agreeing to seeing a specialist. Dr. Skeels got him in quickly and ordered his MRI. When I had questions about the medication Will was taking Dr. Skeels called me. It’s never great when your loved one needs surgery. Dr. Chen and his team made it a pleasant experience. Walking in to the recovery room and seeing the smile on my husbands face… I took a picture because he looked goofy, but when he told me his shoulder and arm pain were gone I was ecstatic. We have a daughter graduating from high school in May and going off to college in the fall. My husband will be able to enjoy these events pain free and I won’t have to do all the heavy lifting! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


  • I had a total knee replacement surgery on October 23, 2016. Dr Cannone is my doctor and he gave me the option of surgery because he knew once it got to the point that the shots was no longer working than that was the next step. First of all the entire staff as well as his secretary, Stacy are amazing. The New Albany location is where I had my surgery and they were the most caring staff from admission, before, and after surgery. I was treated extremely well. I was nervous about the recovery and the physical therapy and the physical therapy staff made it easy and comfortable. The entire treatment was extremely satisfying and I would recommend OrthoNeuro for any orthopedic needs.


  • Just wanted to thank Dr. Jeff Gittins so much for the amazing job he did on Mitchell’s ankle. It has been almost 4 months and he is playing ball w/out any problems at all. He is so happy and we just can’t thank you enough. Please tell Monica thank you for all she did, as well as the rest of your staff. They are all great. – JA & SA

    JA & SA

  • The staff was kind and professional. Very little time waiting to be seen. The level of expertise of the doctor was exceptional. This was the best experience I could have considering surgery is never pleasant. Thank you. You have my future business and my referrals. – AT


  • Convenience, medical staff, close to home, and friendly atmosphere. Very helpful and knowledgeable in their field. – JF